Tales of St. Austin's is a collection of short stories and essays, all with a school theme, by P. G. Wodehouse. It was first published on 10 November 1903 by Adam & Charles Black, London, all except one item having previously appeared in the schoolboy magazines, The Captain and Public School Magazine.

The stories are set in the fictional public school of St. Austin's, which was also the setting for The Pothunters (1902); they revolve around cricket, rugby, petty gambling and other boyish escapades.

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  • "Work"
    • Public School Magazine, December 1900
  • "Notes"
    • Public School Magazine, February 1901
  • "Now Talking About Cricket"
    • Public School Magazine, July 1901
  • "The Tom Brown Question"
    • Public School Magazine, December 1901

Several of the stories were eventually published in the U.S. in the collections The Swoop! and Other Stories (1979) and The Eighteen-Carat Kid and Other Stories (1980); others, along with many school stories never published in book form in Wodehouse's lifetime, were collected in Tales of Wrykyn and Elsewhere (1997).


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